Month: January 2012

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Wonder Aminos: BCAA’s

 The branched chain amino acids make a powerhouse team to support muscle maintenance and growth, weight  loss, and mental energy.  The three amino acids that make up the the BCAA…

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Folate and School Performance

Higher folate intake was linked to higher academic performance in a study with 15-year old kids. Pediatrics 2011

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Acid Blocking Drugs Deplete Magnesium

Stomach acid blocking drugs significantly lowered magnesium levels.   Magnesium deficiency is assoicated with muscle pain and soreness, insomnia, irritability, and other symptoms. Less stomach acid means that your body…

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Zinc Cut Cold Length by 42%

75mg worth of zinc acetate lozenges per day reduced the length of the common cold by 42%. Open Respir Med J 2011.