Remarkable Glaucoma Study

Glaucoma involves a dangerous level of pressure of the fluid inside the eye and can lead to reduction of vision and even blindness as the optic nerve becomes damaged.  The effects of glaucoma can develop slowly and subtly so that the effect sometimes isn’t noticed until damage has been done.  New research using French maritime pine bark,  also known as pycnogenol, along with bilberry may help promote normal intraocular eye pressure.

In one study that used the bilberry and  pycnogenol together, patients experienced a 24%  drop in pressure inside the eye. Results were even better when pycnogenol and bilberry were combined with conventional therapy. Combination therapy produced a 40% drop in pressure, compared to 28% for conventional therapy alone. Pycnogenol and bilberry appear to affect pressure by supporting the inward and outward movement of the fluid that fills the eye.