Month: March 2012

Mood Support Stress

B-Complex and Work Stress

A high potency B vitamin supplement reduced negative symptoms from chronic work stress.  Compared to placebo groups, the B-complex groups reported lower personal strain and confusion. Hum Pyschopharmacol 2011. These…

Autism Children

Latest Research: Gluten and Casein Free Diet Improves Autistic Symptoms

For some time, many parents of autistic children have reported that their kids' symptoms improved when they avoided gluten and casein foods.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye…

Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nail Support

Fruits and Vegetables Literally Make You More Good Looking

In a recent study, a group of Caucasian and East Asian people began eating three servings a day of fruits and vegetables.  At the end of the study period, they…

Brain Support

Multivitamins Increased Short Term Memory

In a study published last month, scientists combined  the results from 10 studies and found that taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement increases short term memory. A study like this…

Cancer Research

Vitamin A Pills Slashed Melanoma Risk 60%

Vitamin A in supplement form, but not from food, has recently been linked to lower melanoma risk. Regular vitamin A supplement intake reduced melanoma risk by 60%. Interestingly, the effect…

Dr. OZ

Vitamin D: The Body Fat Buster?

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition this month, scientists found that 1000iu vitamin D daily produced significant drops in body fat mass. This result was remarkable…