Month: April 2012

Digestive Health Immunity & Inflammatory Support

VSL#3 Probiotic: Ulcerative Colitis and IBS

VSL#3 is one of the strongest probiotics available at 450 billion bacteria per packet.  To put this in perspective, Align, a probiotic promoted to help Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), has…

Diet Dr. OZ Weight Loss

Dr. OZ Review: Pure Green Coffee Bean To Burn Fat Fast

  On Thursday,  Dr. Oz recommended the mega fat burner pure green coffee bean extract.   Folks, this one is looking like the real deal.  Dr. Oz first mentioned it…

Allergy Dr. OZ

Dr. OZ: Butterbur For Allergies

 In a segment on Tuesday’s show, Dr. Oz  said that allergies are one thing that can sap your energy. According to Dr. Oz, an herb called butterbur may help.The herbal…

Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nail Support Men's Health

Rosemary Extract: New Research Says It Might Regrow Hair

 Rosemary has long been a folk remedy for hair loss, but now there is scientific research to support the rumors. In a study published this month, researchers gave testosterone to…

Babies Fertility Pregnancy

Women Taking Multivitamins 70% More Likely To Get Pregnant After Fertility Procedure

Women taking multivitamins had a 66.7% chance of conceiving after a fertility procedure to stimulate ovulation, while women not taking a multivitamin had a mere 39% chance of becoming pregnant….

Brain Support Cancer Research

Dental X-Rays Increase Brain Cancer Risk. Could Antioxidants Protect?

A recent study in the journal Cancer concluded that the more exposure you have had to dental x-rays, the greater your chance of developing a usually benign but potentially serious…

Digestive Health Immunity & Inflammatory Support

Weight Loss Supplement CLA Helps Crohn’s Disease

Scientists have recently discovered a new use for the popular weight loss supplement conjugated linolenic acid (CLA).  In a group of Crohn’s disease patients, CLA significantly reduced disease activity and…

Babies Children Pregnancy Sleep Support

Cut Your Chances Of A Fussy Baby: Take B12 During Pregnancy

Mothers who had the lowest level Vitamin B12 during pregnancy were up to 8 times more likely to have a fussy baby that cried excessively. Low B12 moms may give…

Babies Children Pregnancy

Fenugreek Increases Milk Production In New Mothers and Helps Newborns Gain Weight

In a 2011 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a group of new moms was given a fenugreek tea to drink in the days following their babies’…