Dr. OZ: Butterbur For Allergies

sneeze In a segment on Tuesday’s show, Dr. Oz  said that allergies are one thing that can sap your energy. According to Dr. Oz, an herb called butterbur may help.The herbal extract butterbur has been put to the test for allergic symptoms in a series of trials and has emerged a clear winner.  In a 2005 study, butturbur was as effective as the popular allergy drug Allegra in relieving allergic nasal symptoms.The researchers said that in light of their results and the results of several previous studies, butterbur should be considered a viable alternative to synthetic drugs in the management of allergic nasal symptoms.

Butterbur has other uses apart from allergies. Dr. Oz had recommended butterbur for migraine about a month ago on his pain remedies show.. See our post “Dr. Oz Pain Remedies: Zyflamend, Chinese Skullcap, Butterbur, and Bromelain.”

We also wrote about how butterbur can reduce urinary urgency and frequency in our post  “Butterbur Decreased Urinary Frequency.”

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