Pycnogenol For Brown Spots and Age Spots on Dr. OZ

Pycnogenol For Skin On Dr. Oz

Well before Dr. Oz’s May 15 show, published a post on the amazing skin effects of Pycnogenol.  You can find our original post here.

On the Dr. Oz show yesterday, audience members guessed the age of guest dermatologist Dr. Joely Kauffmann. The average guess was 31 years old.  Dr. Kauffman’s real age?  41!

Dr. Kauffman credited 50mg of  Pycnogenol Extract twice daily with keeping her skin looking so very young.

The Research

Pycnogenolis great in part because it increases a compound in the skin called hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid plumps skins and guards against oxidative damage and wrinkles.  After about age 30, our natural hyaluronic acid levels begin to decline.  In a 2012 study, three months supplementation with Pycnogenolincreased hyaluronic acid by 44% in skin and significantly boosted elasticity and hydration.

Pycnogenol also helps to regenerate vitamins C and E in the skin to help fight free radical damage.

Applied topically, Pycnogenol has been studied for helping with discoloration and wrinkle prevention.  In a 2011 study, a mixture of vitamin C, vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and Pycnogenol was applied to the skin of hairless mice.  This study found that this antioxidant mixture reduced UV light induced wrinkles and skin hyperpigmentaton.  Scientists feel hopeful that this combination may similarly benefit human skin.

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