Pyconogenol and Tinnitus

ear Tinnitus, or ringing of the ear,  can be irritating, or even debilitating.  Tinnitus is often the result of damage to the ear area or the nerves in the ear. Common causes include loud music or noises, head or neck trauma, and drugs that are toxic to the ears.Pyconogenol is a pine bark extract that may help with symptoms of tinnitus.  In a study published this year, one group of tinnitus patients was given traditional drug therapy plus 150mg pycnogenol, while a second group received just the conventional drug treatment.  At the end of six months, 90% of the group taking pycnogenol was free of symptoms, while only 34% of the traditional medicine group was symptom free.Magnesium is another potential help for tinnitus.  In many studies, magnesium deficiency is associate with hearing loss.  In more recent studies, magnesium has significantly improved tinnitus.  Magnesium protects the sensitive nerve cells in the ear from overexcitement and damage.In a 2011 study, the amino acid l-taurine eliminated tinnitus in animals in amounts equivalent to 700-3,200mg for humans.