Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

RibogenMore than one million Americans have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a sometimes disabling condition that often includes extreme tiredness, memory and concentration problems and unrefreshing sleep. Many more people who don’t meet the criteria of CFS have unexplained chronic fatigue.

Research of a promising new extract called RiboGen, was shown to significantly reduce chronic fatigue and related symptoms. RiboGen is an extract from French oak bark that contains molecules called roburins. Roburins act to increase the number of ribosomes in each cell. Ribosomes are little factories that produce all the proteins used for the whole body.


People who took RiboGen experienced:

-> 18% reduction in weakness and exhaustion

-> 44% reduction in unrefreshing sleep

-> 33% reduction in head discomfort

-> 51% reduction in joint discomfort

-> 63% reduction in muscle discomfort