Month: November 2020


New Study Suggests Pomegranate Improves Aging

Pomegranates have shown to be beneficial for heart health, which has prompted researchers to investigate further. A recent Swiss study suggests that pomegranate supplementation helps boost the body’s supply of…

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Butyrate: The Role of Probiotics and Fiber

Butyrate is a short-chain fat produced in the colon when certain bacteria and fibers interact. Here are some important ways that Butyrate affects the body: GI Health: major energy source…

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Breakthrough Science for Aging Cells

With aging, older cells can become dysfunctional, increasing inflammation in the body. They are known as senescent cells and have been associated with heart disease, cancer, and other age-related disorders….


Flavonoids: The Power in Food

Why are fruits and veggies so good for us? Look no further than the beneficial colored molecules called flavonoids! They occur naturally in tea, chocolate, and spices as well. While…


Berberine, Glucose, Body Fat & LDL

Berberine extract is a versatile molecule with a wide range of benefits. It is one of the best-known activators of AMPK which causes the body to use fat for energy…