Berberine, Glucose, Body Fat & LDL

Berberine extract is a versatile molecule with a wide range of benefits. It is one of the best-known activators of AMPK which causes the body to use fat for energy and turns on a significant pathway of benefits the same way exercise does.

Research Results:

  • Reduced Glucose and A1C levels similar to Metformin without side effects.
  • Killed undesirable bacteria. It also inhibited a protein involved in bacterial cell division. Berberine showed to promote general bacteria balance in the digestive tract.
  • Weight loss of an average of five pounds over 12 weeks occurred with intake of 500 mg of berberine three times per day in research
  • Hyperlipidemic patients given 500 mg of berberine twice daily for three months had reductions up to 35% in triglyceride levels, 29% in total cholesterol, and 25% in LDL cholesterol. Berberine is also a natural inhibitor of PCSK9 which allows for the breakdown of LDL cholesterol.