Month: February 2021

Digestive Health

Weight Just a Minute: The Gut’s Role in Overweight and Obesity

Trillions of microbes are currently residing in your gut, living their day-to-day life, helping metabolize all of the things in your body; known as the microbiome. As intrusive as they…

Ask Mark

Immune Response: Key to Vaccine Effectiveness

With the constant discussion of COVID vaccines, it is very important to understand how vaccines work in the body.  Vaccines don’t attack viruses directly, but rather present molecules to teach…


New Endocalyx Anti-Aging Supplement

The glycocalyx is a thin layer of gel that lines the inside of all the blood vessels that is required for healthy blood flow. Its function is to constantly deliver…

Detoxification Support

Effective Detox Using Gene Activation

Exposure to environmental toxins from food, water and air is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are internal systems that can remove these chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Metals are primarily…