Month: June 2021

Diet Digestive Health

New & Innovative Molecules: Olive Leaf Extract

Health benefits related to olive leaves are extensive and date back to ancient times. Egyptians used them to preserve the bodies of pharaohs; the British used them to treat malaria…

Heart & Vascular Health Weight Loss

All about HIIT

High intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, is a fairly new exercise regimen that many may not have heard about. This type of exercise training involves short periods of…

Weight Loss

How To: Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

Have you hit a roadblock in your weight loss?  Don’t be discouraged, there are common issues that stop you from using fat for energy that can be easily addressed.  Over…

Weight Loss

Shed the Post-COVID 19lbs

After the past year of staying at home with limited access to exercise equipment and ample access to wine and take out, a new pandemic known as “The COVID 19…