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Healthy Children

Due to their growing bodies and brains, children have their own set of nutritional needs. Unfortunately, with busy after school activities, families are consuming more fast foods and processed snack…

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DHA Omega-3 For Kids

Moms to be are recommended to take prenatal vitamins and omega-3 DHA.  These nutrients are vital to the developing fetus. New research suggests that the benefits last even longer than…

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Infancy & Allergies

Allergies among kids seem to be more prevalent than previous generations.  There are many reasons and theories of why this is.  Our bodies allergic response is tied to our overall…

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Check Your Prenatal Vitamin

When most couples decide to try and have a baby, they normally see their doctor and begin taking prenatal vitamins.   Not all prenatal supplements have the same ingredients.  Many do…

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Help For Kids Who Want To Read

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our overall health.  Many adults take omega-3 supplements, but now a new study indicates how important they are for children as well. Researchers at…

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Higher Vitamin D, Smarter Babies

Mothers with sufficient levels of vitamin D had babies with more deleloped brains, when compared to babies of low vitamin D moms.  Twenty percent of the mothers in the study…

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Folic Acid And Autism Risk

  Mothers of normally developing children were more likely to have consumed 600mcg or more folic acid daily than mothers of autistic children, particularly during the first month of pregnancy,…

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Women Taking Multivitamins 70% More Likely To Get Pregnant After Fertility Procedure

Women taking multivitamins had a 66.7% chance of conceiving after a fertility procedure to stimulate ovulation, while women not taking a multivitamin had a mere 39% chance of becoming pregnant….

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Cut Your Chances Of A Fussy Baby: Take B12 During Pregnancy

Mothers who had the lowest level Vitamin B12 during pregnancy were up to 8 times more likely to have a fussy baby that cried excessively. Low B12 moms may give…