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New & Innovative Formula: CardioLux HDL

A new and innovative formula has hit the market, this time it is targeted towards “healthy” cholesterol-HDL. HDL is responsible for transporting cholesterol from the blood to the liver for…

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Magnesium May Improve Metabolic Syndrome

Magnesium may improve metabolic syndrome, according to a new study.  Metabolic syndrome is characterized as having high blood sugar, cholesterol, pressure and fat around the waistline. As we go into…

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CoQ10 May Help Statin Drug Patients

 CoQ10 may help statin drug patients according to a new review.  Statin drugs help to lower cholesterol. They have been reported to reduce levels of CoQ10 as a side effect….

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Diabetics May Need CoQ10

There are many contributing factors to type II diabetes.  Reduced antioxidant and CoQ10 status are two common traits seen in diabetics. A new study had sixty four diabetics receive either…

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Arterial Elasticity & Fish Oil

Your arteries ability to be elastic or flexible is very important to your health.  When arteries become stiff and rigid, you are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers wanted to…