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Akkermansia muciniphila: Miracle Bug

Gut health is crucial for overall health and gut health starts with the microbiome, the bacteria that live in the intestines. Recent focus by researchers has been on finding individual…

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New Longevity Molecule

  L-ergothioneine is a deaging molecule which is most prevalent in mushrooms.  Researchers have found many beneficial properties of L-ergothioneine that show it to contribute to longevity. Antioxidant and cell…

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Boost The Immune System

Winter has traditionally been the season for an increase in respiratory viruses, but doctors are reporting that this season with many more children than usual ending up in the Emergency…

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The 30 Day Reset

Now that the holidays are over, you may be left with an extra bulge around the middle. The added weight is not good, but higher blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation…

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The Ultimate Rapid Immune Support

It’s that time of year when cold and flu viruses start making the rounds.    Being exposed is a guarantee.  How your immune system responds is not. Certain nutrients and natural…