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Are Medications Depleting Your Magnesium?

Magnesium is used by over 300 enzymes in the body which are involved in processes such as energy making, muscle and nerve function and managing blood pressure and blood sugar….

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New & Innovative Formula: Bio-Fisetin

This week’s New & Innovative Formula comprises of one of our most beloved flavonoids – fisetin. Flavonoids are plant pigments that, when ingested, are thought to be beneficial for human…

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New & Innovative Formula: Phyto Benefits

This week’s New & Innovative Formula features a unique blend of phytochemicals designed to support overall health. Phytochemicals (or phytonutrients) are substances produced by plants that ward off germs, fungi,…


Appetite vs. Hunger

As summer ramps up, everyone is focused on that swimsuit-ready body. While we know what we should or should not be eating, we may not be aware of why we…

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New & Innovative Molecules: Olive Leaf Extract

Health benefits related to olive leaves are extensive and date back to ancient times. Egyptians used them to preserve the bodies of pharaohs; the British used them to treat malaria…


Flavonoids: The Power in Food

Why are fruits and veggies so good for us? Look no further than the beneficial colored molecules called flavonoids! They occur naturally in tea, chocolate, and spices as well. While…

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Omega-3 Intake Is Correlated To Depression

Omega-3 intake is correlated to depression according to a new study out of South Korea.  We have previously written about the connection here, and now Korean researchers have shown it…