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Tinnitus: Associated Factors

As we get older, various health issues come up that are quite common.  One of them, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), is very common among the elderly. A study took a…

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Multiple Sclerosis & Melatonin

Researchers have been looking into ways to reduce oxidative stress in people with multiple sclerosis (MS).  The sleep hormone melatonin is an antioxidant that can support brain health. A new…

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Neuropathy & Curcumin

One of the most common complications of diabetes is neuropathic pain.  While the cause is still being researched, inflammation seems to be involved. A new study took rats with diabetes…

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Get A Grip On Neuropathy

Diabetics tend to have other health conditions such as high cholesterol.  Neuropathy is another condition that is common among diabetics. A new study looked into whether or not Co-Q10 could benefit…

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Spark Up Your Brain

We all would like to improve our brain health with exercise and diet.  A new study looked at some current supplements on the market to see their effect on brain-derived…

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Lipoic Acid and Diabetic Nerves

Researchers have conducted a number of studies on the effect of lipoic acid on diabetic neuropathy.  In diabetes, high blood sugar can damage nerves, most often in the hands and…