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Vitamin D Improves Bone Mass In Adolescents

Vitamin D improves bone in adolescent girls according to new study.  Researchers gave adolescents, with an average age of 13, either 1,400 IU, 14,000 IU of vitamin D or placebo….

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Exercise & Supplements For Good Health

Maintaining your health takes more than just diet or just exercise.  It involves getting everything moving in the right direction. A new study in Taiwan looking at middle-aged women wanted…

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Breast Cancer & Vitamin D

You hear so much about vitamin D these and that’s because so much positive research keeps coming out about it.  There have already been many studies looking at the relationship…


Support For Menopause

Menopause and the symptoms that come with it can be frustrating and exhausting.  Common recommendations you may hear from friends like black cohosh and soy supplements may not have worked…

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Antioxidants & Heart Failure

Antioxidants are frequently recommended about for various health conditions.  Many times you’re told one antioxidant is better for a particular health concern over another. A new study looked at overall antioxidant…

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Vitamin D For the Long-Term

One of the reasons we and others recommend vitamin D are because of the long-term studies.  A new study looked at women aged 35 to 49 for three years for incidence…

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Menopause, Vitamin E & Your Bones

If you’re a woman, sometime in your life your doctor will talk to you about menopause and your bone density.  As your hormones change, they have a huge effect on…

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Vitamin K2 & Your Bones

We spend most of our youth increasing our bone mineral density (BMD) and then peak around age 30.  After women go through menopause, they have sharp decreases in BMD. Doctors often…

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Paint Your Diet Red & Orange

You have been told that you should eat a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.  They each contain their own unique combination of phytonutrients, the substances that give them their…