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Blood Sugar and Bone Health

The risks of elevated blood sugar are well documented and well known. However, there is another risk associated with high glucose—bone loss and impaired bone health. In those with Type-2…

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Urinary Tract Health

Women experience a 50% risk of urinary tract infection over their lifetime and 20-30% of women will experience recurrent UTIs. While the risk of UTIs is lower in men, 20%…

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Insomnia and Vitamin E

A woman’s body endures numerous hormonal changes as it transitions from the reproductive years to menopause, and as a result many women experience alterations in cognition, mood, body composition, and…

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How to Maintain Your Skin, Hair & Nails

As hormone levels reduce with aging, so does the collagen, elastin, keratin and hyaluronic acid that keep Hair, Skin, and Nails (HSN) healthy and young looking. High starch, sugar and…

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Jumpstart Weight Loss

Almost everyone has an abundance of stored fat to use for energy formation.  Losing weight is about accessing and utilizing that body fat.  Our nutritionists can assist in determining food…