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Heart & Vascular Health New Research Older folks

New Cardiovascular Research.

Nattokinase at 10,800 FUs per day was effective at lowering LDL cholesterol 18%, improving HDL cholesterol by 15%, and reducing the size of carotid artery plaques by 36% at 12…

Older folks Urinary Health Women

Urinary Tract Health

Women experience a 50% risk of urinary tract infection over their lifetime and 20-30% of women will experience recurrent UTIs. While the risk of UTIs is lower in men, 20%…

Core Health Healthy Aging Older folks Supplements

New Longevity Molecule

  L-ergothioneine is a deaging molecule which is most prevalent in mushrooms.  Researchers have found many beneficial properties of L-ergothioneine that show it to contribute to longevity. Antioxidant and cell…

Energy Exercise Strength & Fitness

HRG80 Red Ginseng Powers Exercise

Panax ginseng, also known as Asian, Korean or red ginseng, is considered an adaptogen that helps the body maintain a normal response to stress. For centuries it has been used…


Increase Energy

The brain, muscles, heart, and digestive tract all require energy to properly function and maintain repair.  Disruption typically results in fatigue.  Supporting the cells little “energy furnaces” known as mitochondria…

Babies Children

Healthy Children

Due to their growing bodies and brains, children have their own set of nutritional needs. Unfortunately, with busy after school activities, families are consuming more fast foods and processed snack…

Diet Drug News Weight Loss

Diabetic Drugs or Nutrition for Weight Loss

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about Diabetes medications increasingly being prescribed for weight loss in individuals without diabetes.  These belong to a class of drugs called…