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Holiday Energy

Shopping, friends, family and cooking are some of the fun things to do around the holidays.  Having great energy makes them more enjoyable.  Here are ways to maintain and create…

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New Hair Growth Support Formula

Nutrient deficiencies, stress and hormone imbalances can all contribute to hair loss. Thankfully, researchers are finding natural ways to combat these.  Hairs cycle through three stages of growth: anagen, which…

Core Health Supplements

The Body’s Master Antioxidant – Glutathione

Free radicals are molecules that steal electrons from healthy cells, potentially damaging them in the process.  Antioxidants stabilize and neutralize the harmful activity of free radicals by donating electrons to…

Stress Supplements

Stress Protection

Elevated stress hormones can expedite the aging process by activating the breakdown of collagen in the skin, sleep disruption, creating sugar (glucose), break down of proteins in the brain, increased…

Diet Supplements

New & Innovative Formula: Bio-Fisetin

This week’s New & Innovative Formula comprises of one of our most beloved flavonoids – fisetin. Flavonoids are plant pigments that, when ingested, are thought to be beneficial for human…

Immunity & Inflammatory Support Supplements

Comprehensive Immune Support

With the introduction of the Delta variant of Covid-19 and the surge of RSV, which is now affecting adults as well as children, it is important to support the immune…

Diet Supplements

New & Innovative Formula: Phyto Benefits

This week’s New & Innovative Formula features a unique blend of phytochemicals designed to support overall health. Phytochemicals (or phytonutrients) are substances produced by plants that ward off germs, fungi,…

Bone and Joint Health Hair, Skin, and Nail Support Newsletter

The Scaffolding of You: Collagen

For years, collagen has been marketed toward women, advertised as the ultimate anti-aging solution for hair, skin and nails. What most Sundrops customers are surprised to hear is that collagen…

Bone and Joint Health

New & Innovative Formula: Wobenzym® PS

A new and innovative formula by Douglas Laboratories has hit the market. While relatively new to us, Wobenzym® (formerly Phlogenzym®) has been made in Germany since the 1960’s. Developed by…