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Lithium and Longevity

Lithium is a mineral that is found in rocks and soil and even in water. It has been reported that in areas with a higher level of lithium in the…

Children Immunity & Inflammatory Support

Colostrum: Not Just For Babies

Colostrum is the name of the first milk produced after birth. It is provides hormones, growth factors, immune globulins and immunity modulators while also helping to grow the GI tract…

Core Health New Research Weight Loss

Akkermansia muciniphila: Miracle Bug

Gut health is crucial for overall health and gut health starts with the microbiome, the bacteria that live in the intestines. Recent focus by researchers has been on finding individual…

Blood Sugar Support Bone and Joint Health Older folks Women

Blood Sugar and Bone Health

The risks of elevated blood sugar are well documented and well known. However, there is another risk associated with high glucose—bone loss and impaired bone health. In those with Type-2…

Heart & Vascular Health New Research Older folks

New Cardiovascular Research.

Nattokinase at 10,800 FUs per day was effective at lowering LDL cholesterol 18%, improving HDL cholesterol by 15%, and reducing the size of carotid artery plaques by 36% at 12…

Older folks Urinary Health Women

Urinary Tract Health

Women experience a 50% risk of urinary tract infection over their lifetime and 20-30% of women will experience recurrent UTIs. While the risk of UTIs is lower in men, 20%…