About Us

We believe most everyone can do better with their health and promise an experience that exceeds expectations.


In 1976 Mark Herrin opened Sundrops Vitamins and Nutrition with the goal of providing fact-based nutrition and supplement guidance to residents of Dallas. Sundrops Nutritionists and Dietitians continue to effectively support client health with current nutrition science, exercise guidance, and research proven supplementation.

The nutritionists at Sundrops excel in
quickly explaining how the body functions and
providing a plan for success.

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How We Help Our Customers


Sundrops is a nutrition-science centered business that provides easy to understand guidance for our clients with their diets, supplements and exercise programs. Our goal is exceptional health. We base our recommendations on the most current biological and nutritional research in order to ensure the most accurate and effective programs.

Whether you need the best multivitamin or looking to support a certain area of health, our team of nutrition experts stand ready to answer all of your questions.