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Staying healthy is not always easy.
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Nutrition at Sundrops

Mark Herrin and the science staff at Sundrops maintain the commitment to stay abreast of current nutrition science. They have unique tools and software to incorporate this knowledge into client’s individualized programs. Our nutritionists believe it is important that people know how the body works and what nutrients are required to make it work properly.

The outstanding staff of experts are passionate about assisting each client be the healthiest they can be. Staff expertise includes nutrition and dietetics, as well as specific knowledge in function of:

Immune System

Brain & Memory


Digestive Tract

Bone & Joint


Energy & Stress

Mood & Sleep

The Sundrops Protocol

In many ways, the body is a system of opposing functions that communicate with each other to maintain balance. Beginning in 2004 Mark Herrin identified and confirmed that many of the genes and molecules required to maintain this balance were activated and impacted through the two primary energy-forming pathways. One using fat and the other glucose (carbohydrate). A relatively small number of lifestyle and dietary choices are key to controlling these pathways that are needed to maintain balance and support health.

Starting at approximately age 25, the body begins reducing the production of hormones. As a consequence, inflammation typically starts a gradual increase while protective antioxidants begin declining. These changes uniquely impact the two powerful energy-forming pathways. Other factors influencing these changes are genetic weakness or life events like stress, insomnia, infection or injury. The result of all these changes is disruption of the normal biochemical pathway balance in the body.

The Sundrops Protocol provides a framework
to develop individualized plans
designed to maintain the balance and support normal
function through specifically targeted nutrition,
supplementation, and exercise.

Sundrops nutritionists and dietitians are as passionate about the research as they are about making sure clients continue to do better. In-depth consultations are available by appointment. Call, visit, or email us at [email protected] to schedule. $150 per hour or 15 minutes fractions thereof.

Lead Nutritionist & Owner

Mark Herrin opened Sundrops Nutrition in 1976. Since that time, Sundrops has evolved into an award-winning vitamin store and nutrition consultation business. Mark has been a nutritionist for over 30 years and is the driving force behind Sundrops’ extraordinary knowledge of



Tina Davis earned a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Tina is fascinated by the bio-individuality of each person and how that influences nutrition and lifestyle needs.  She is passionate about utilizing functional nutrition to reduce chronic disease and influence healthy aging.


L.E.A.P. & Allergy Testing Specialist

Susan Linke is a registered and licensed dietitian, gastrointestinal expert, Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) and Certified Gluten actitioner. L.E.A.P is an accurate and unique test and diet strategy for food sensitivities. Considered one of the most experienced CLTs in the country, she is on the advisory boards for the newly created Integrative

Your Diet

Nutrition at Sundrops is a function of providing all the essential nutrients and proven beneficial molecules in their best forms. Dietary balance is designed to maintain the body’s ability to continue to use fat as well as glucose for energy to activate the essential genes and molecules needed to maintain health.

Nutritional Supplementation

We base our recommendations on the most current biological and nutritional research. We use only research proven molecules to fill nutritional gaps and support normal function of hormones, antioxidants, proteins and other key molecules in the body.

We have the best and most effective natural and professional supplements available that contain study validated ingredients.


Exercise, like proper diet and supplementation, activates using fat for energy. Our nutritionists provide beginning, intermediate or advanced exercise plans or referrals as needed.


Certain lab tests can provide insight into nutritional status and are actionable. We have chosen a small group of excellent tests that achieve this objective.