Latest Research: Gluten and Casein Free Diet Improves Autistic Symptoms

Photo credit: GoodNCrazy

For some time, many parents of autistic children have reported that their kids' symptoms improved when they avoided gluten and casein foods.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and other grains, while casein is a protein from milk.  

As parents began to communicate more via the internet, the GFCF diet became better known, but it took years for doctors to begin to recognize its benefits.  A new study provides hard evidence to support the use of a GFCF diet, especially in autistic kids with apparent allergy and gut issues. 

According to researchers, the gut and the brain are highly connected.  When casein or gluten causes an immune reaction in the gut, that reaction may actually impair brain function in autistic kids. On the GFCF diet, children became more social with increased use of language, increased eye contact and longer attention span.  In addition, gut symptoms were significantly improved.

Unlike many other GFCF studies, the researchers took careful note of which kids seemed to have gut and allergy issues prior to the study and also which families were able to adhere strictly to the diet.  Children with prior gut issues in strict GFCF families benefited the most from the diet.

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