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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

More than one million Americans have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a sometimes disabling condition that often includes extreme tiredness, memory and concentration problems and unrefreshing sleep. Many more people who don’t meet…

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Omega-3 Intake Is Correlated To Depression

Omega-3 intake is correlated to depression according to a new study out of South Korea.  We have previously written about the connection here, and now Korean researchers have shown it…

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Omega-3 Intake & Depression

Omega-3’s are essential for your health and now new research shows it may decrease depression.  Omega-3 fats reduce inflammation in our bodies, including our brains. In a new study, adults…

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Can Vitamin C Improve Mood?

Can something as simple as vitamin C improve your mood? Vitamin C has been recommended for many ailments, but new research shows that it may also improve our mood.   Patients…

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Natural Stress Management

Stress management is a daily ritual for most people.  If not kept under control, stress can cause damage in a variety of ways and make us feel anxious and tired. A…

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Zinc & Anxiety

Mineral imbalances can effect many different biological systems in our bodies.  New research looked into the ratio of zinc to copper and the relationship to anxiety symptoms. Individuals with anxiety…

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B6 & Mood Support

Depression, and mental health issues in general, are being connected more and more to nutrition.  Researchers looked at the link between vitamin B6 and depression. Hundreds of adults were followed…

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Depression & Fish Oil

Research is showing that diet has a role to play in mental health.  A new study looked at omega-3 intake and major depression. Ninety five people being treated with psychotherapy…

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B Vitamins For The Blues

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental illnesses.  There are many avenues for treatment, including medication. In a new study, researchers wanted to see what the effect…