New Hair Growth Support Formula

Nutrient deficiencies, stress and hormone imbalances can all contribute to hair loss. Thankfully, researchers are finding natural ways to combat these.  Hairs cycle through three stages of growth: anagen, which is active growth, catagen-degeneration, and telogen-shedding. Ideally, 90% of hairs are in the active growth phase while only 10% are shedding. When these cycles get out of balance, visible hair loss occurs. Several phytochemicals from plants have been studied to reduce hair loss. 

Anagain Nu is a newly available extract from an organically grown pea shoot that supports hair growth cycle balance.  In a clinical trial, people who supplemented with 100 mg of Anagain Nu saw a 34% reduction in hair loss and better hair density in as soon as one month. 

Grape seed extract was found to promote proliferation of hair follicles and plays a role in supporting the transition from telogen phase to anagen phase. 

Green tea extract supports hair regrowth, possibly by maintaining the viability of special cells in the hair follicle. 

Corriander seed oil promotes increased hair density and thickness. 

Fish oil supports collagen synthesis. 

Black currant oil also supports collagen synthesis and has been clinically shown to support healthy hair by significantly improving hair thickness and density. 


The health practitioner’s line that contains these molecules is Douglas Labs. Speak to a Sundrops nutritionist for more information. 


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