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Bone and Joint Health

Healthy Joints – The How-To Strategy

Joints are made of cartilage which is formed from collagen tissue. When the cartilage gets thin, cushioning can be lost and the body may deposit calcium in the joints resulting…

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Vitamin D Improves Bone Mass In Adolescents

Vitamin D improves bone in adolescent girls according to new study.  Researchers gave adolescents, with an average age of 13, either 1,400 IU, 14,000 IU of vitamin D or placebo….

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Vitamin K2 Supports Your Bones

We have written before about the research regarding vitamin K2 and bone health.  Another study has come out further establishing the benefits. Adults aged 50-65 years of age were either…

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Micronutrients For Your Bones

Are you worried about your bone health?  Some new research shows which nutrients may support bone density. A group of patients were given a combination of nutrients for 12 months:…

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Menopause, Vitamin E & Your Bones

If you’re a woman, sometime in your life your doctor will talk to you about menopause and your bone density.  As your hormones change, they have a huge effect on…

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A Plant Based Calcium?

Our bones are so important to our well-being especially as we age.  Most adults exercise and take supplements like vitamin D and calcium to improve or maintain their bone density….

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Vitamin K2 & Your Bones

We spend most of our youth increasing our bone mineral density (BMD) and then peak around age 30.  After women go through menopause, they have sharp decreases in BMD. Doctors often…

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Boswellia: For Aging Joints

Everyone ages at different rates, but the effects of aging are generally universal.  Changes in skin, memory and painful joints are very common. Luckily there are natural substances that can…

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Natural Support for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common ailment in an aging population.  There are currently prescription drugs to help manage the pain and some medical procedures that can help. Many people would like…