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Fish Oil For Your Prostate

Too much inflammation in the body makes everything worse.  Research shows that chronic diseases are often made worse by high levels of inflammation. Our bodies main way to control inflammation…

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DHA & Behavior

Young men have been known to be aggressive and impulsive.  Researchers having been looking into the causes and possible strategies to reduce the behavior. A new study had young men…

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Hype Versus Reality

There has been many research studies done on the effects of saw palmetto and prostate health.  The main active component of saw palmetto are the sterols; specifically beta sitosterol. Recently…

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Depression & ED: A Double Whammy

Many of our customers seek out natural products because they have had negative experiences with over the counter and prescription medications.  We hear it from people suffering with allergies, menopause and…

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Co-Q10 and Infertility

Having a baby is a special and exciting time, but for some couples getting pregnant can be a frustrating time too.  There are many reasons why a couple may have…

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Rosemary Extract: New Research Says It Might Regrow Hair

 Rosemary has long been a folk remedy for hair loss, but now there is scientific research to support the rumors. In a study published this month, researchers gave testosterone to…