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Allergy Immunity & Inflammatory Support

Ginger & Breathing

Asthma and allergy sufferers may have a new tool to help them breathe easier.  During an asthma attack and for some people during allergy season, the muscles surrounding the lungs…

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Infancy & Allergies

Allergies among kids seem to be more prevalent than previous generations.  There are many reasons and theories of why this is.  Our bodies allergic response is tied to our overall…

Allergy Children

The Relationship of Asthma to Fish

For adults who have asthma and are looking for new tools to help them manage their health, there is some new research regarding diet and asthma. Asthma is associated with…

Allergy Immunity & Inflammatory Support

When A Cough Is More Than A Cough

We at Sundrops have noticed a lot of people have had coughs that seem to be lingering this season.  Some possible reasons for a persistent cough are seasonal allergies or…

Allergy Children

Waiting To Inhale

Asthma can be a difficult ailment to deal with for anyone.  Parents with children that have asthma worry about whether or not their kids keep their inhalers with them.  Kids…

Allergy Dr. OZ

Dr. OZ: Butterbur For Allergies

 In a segment on Tuesday’s show, Dr. Oz  said that allergies are one thing that can sap your energy. According to Dr. Oz, an herb called butterbur may help.The herbal…