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What Does Research Show About Dosing NMN or NR?

The molecule NAD+ and its form NADP are part of the energy forming process. They are required for energy production and fat oxidation and the production of DNA and RNA…

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Repair Cellular Energy

The body has several methods to break down, repair and replace non-functioning cells.  This is an area of research that has generated significant interest because of its broad impact on…


Holiday Energy

Shopping, friends, family and cooking are some of the fun things to do around the holidays.  Having great energy makes them more enjoyable.  Here are ways to maintain and create…

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How to Get Healthy + Energized

Free radicals are molecules that are unstable because they are lacking an electron, making them roam the body to find their missing part. In this essential process, the free radicals…

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Improve Your Workout with Curcumin

Improve your workout with curcumin.  New research shows that curcumin helps reduce oxidative stress. We produce free radicals during exercise, which is one reason we need antioxidants.  Curcumin is both…

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CoQ10 May Help Statin Drug Patients

 CoQ10 may help statin drug patients according to a new review.  Statin drugs help to lower cholesterol. They have been reported to reduce levels of CoQ10 as a side effect….

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Natural Stress Management

Stress management is a daily ritual for most people.  If not kept under control, stress can cause damage in a variety of ways and make us feel anxious and tired. A…

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What Can A Multivitamin Do?

You may be tempted to discount something as common as your multivitamin.  New research shows that the simple multivitamin can actually have a huge impact. A study conducted with military…