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Vitamin E Slows Decline In Alzheimer’s Disease

 Vitamin E slows decline in Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study published the Journal of the American Medical Association.  This new study builds upon previous research that shows the role…

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Guarana Activates Your Brain

Guarana activates your brain according to new research.  A study was preformed using fMRI scans to see if guarana improved brain function. Adults were given either a multivitamin plus guarana or…

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Vitamin K May Improve Memory

New research shows that vitamin K may improve memory.  The study sampled over three hundred adults aged 70 to 85. They looked at their blood levels of vitamin K and…

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Omega-3’s and Cognition

A new study on omega-3’s and cognition in children shows just how important they are to our health.  Researchers looked at the ratio of omega-6’s to omega-3’s in 7 to…

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Can Vitamin C Improve Mood?

Can something as simple as vitamin C improve your mood? Vitamin C has been recommended for many ailments, but new research shows that it may also improve our mood.   Patients…

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Depression & Fish Oil

Research is showing that diet has a role to play in mental health.  A new study looked at omega-3 intake and major depression. Ninety five people being treated with psychotherapy…

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Omega-3’s & ADHD

We have been seeing more and more research coming out about the relationship between omega-3’s and ADHD.  A new study looked at the issue from a different point of view…

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DHA Omega-3 For Kids

Moms to be are recommended to take prenatal vitamins and omega-3 DHA.  These nutrients are vital to the developing fetus. New research suggests that the benefits last even longer than…

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Curcumin Continues to Impress

We have written about many of the new studies with curcumin.  It’s being studied for various health conditions where inflammation is a factor. A new study with several patients with…