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New Longevity Molecule

  L-ergothioneine is a deaging molecule which is most prevalent in mushrooms.  Researchers have found many beneficial properties of L-ergothioneine that show it to contribute to longevity. Antioxidant and cell…

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How to Maintain Your Skin, Hair & Nails

As hormone levels reduce with aging, so does the collagen, elastin, keratin and hyaluronic acid that keep Hair, Skin, and Nails (HSN) healthy and young looking. High starch, sugar and…

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The 30 Day Reset

Now that the holidays are over, you may be left with an extra bulge around the middle. The added weight is not good, but higher blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation…

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Healthy Brain Neurons

Neuronal membranes are the fat-filled areas that surround brain cells. The health and function of these cells are dependent on the health of their membranes. Neuronal membranes can also protect…

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Maintaining Bone Density

Loss of bone density usually occurs as hormones decrease, though some medications or medical treatments can be disruptive.  Women can often have rapid bone loss post menopause.  One of the…

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Soothe Dry Eye

Dry eye(DE) affects approximately 5-50% of select populations. It is most prevalent in women. There are multiple causes of DE. The tear film in the eye is made up of…