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Weight Just a Minute: The Gut’s Role in Overweight and Obesity

Trillions of microbes are currently residing in your gut, living their day-to-day life, helping metabolize all of the things in your body; known as the microbiome. As intrusive as they…

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IBS & Constipation Help

Two new products may provide support for people who experience constipation.  The first is a unique probiotic bacteria strain called bifidobacterium lactis HN019. In studies, the HN019 strain sped up…

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Probiotics May Reduce Incidence of Infections

Probiotics may reduce incidence of infections according to a new study looking at rugby players.  Researchers looked at probiotics as a possible way to reduce the infection rates among athletes….

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What Is the Relationship Between Food Allergies and Probiotics?

People with food allergies are always on the watch for what is and is not in their foods.  These allergies are an immune response and probiotics can play a role. …

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Get Your Fiber Every Day

Getting more fiber in our diets is so important for a variety of reasons.  Most people decide to proactively add fiber when they become irregular or their doctor recommends for…

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Berberine: For Healthy Plumbing

Gastrointestinal health is very important to your overall well being.  We have written about the roles vitamin D, fish oil and probiotics play in supporting your digestive tract. When someone…

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Vitamin B6 & Your Colon Health

Many people take a multivitamin everyday to make sure they get at least some of each of the vitamins and minerals they need.  A new review of one of those…

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Your Second Brain

Very interesting research has recently been published regarding the role of probiotics on our mental health.  We have known that there is a gut-brain connection, but this new study shows…