Co-Q10 and Infertility

Photo Credit: adie reed

Having a baby is a special and exciting time, but for some couples getting pregnant can be a frustrating time too.  There are many reasons why a couple may have a difficult time getting pregnant.

One reason may be that the man may have impaired sperm parameters.  Researchers looked into whether or not co-enzyme Q10 would improve these.  Infertile men were given either 200mg of CoQ10 or a placebo for ninety days.  Before and after the treatment period they had their semen analyzed along with diet and physical activity.

The researchers found a correlation between CoQ10 levels and normal sperm morphology.  They also found that supplementing CoQ10 increased activity of two enzymes which reduce oxidative stress.

The authors concluded, “Three-month supplementation with CoQ10 in OAT infertile men can attenuate oxidative stress in seminal plasma and improve semen parameters and antioxidant enzymes activity.”

Andrologia. 2013 Jan
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