Jumpstart Weight Loss

Almost everyone has an abundance of stored fat to use for energy formation.  Losing weight is about accessing and utilizing that body fat.  Our nutritionists can assist in determining food balance and general quantities that create a demand to use existing fat stores.  There are supplementary molecules that facilitate fat use for energy and other factors like sleep, exercise, stress and glucose levels that impact how rapidly fat is metabolized.  This is the science. This plan keeps you healthy!

Activating Fat for Energy with Diet and Lifestyle
  • Eat This Way…Low Starch and Sugar, Moderate Lean Protein (too much creates excess glucose) and plenty of Omega-9 oils or nuts and avocado. Trade starch and sugars for green vegetables and berries.
  • High Glucose Deactivates Fat Usage…If elevated, Berberine prior to meals and Magnesium twice per day supports normal glucose. Walk or bike daily in the AM to immediately activate fat usage and lower glucose.  Address stress or lack of sleep since they will increase glucose levels and stop fat usage.
Best! Non-Stimulant Healthy Weight Loss Molecules
  • Green Coffee Extract…Coffeegenic lowers post meal glucose and increased weight loss approximately 11lb in 12 weeks at 200mg per day.
  • Forskolin…Upregulates the cyclicAMP (cAMP) molecule in the body that is responsible for fat mobilization and to increase energy formation through oxidation of fat and the NAD+ pathway. Forskolin is also positive for cardio and blood pressure function.  Study dosing was 250mg/10% x 2.
  • EGCG…The key active flavonoid in green tea activates fat usage through AMPK and promotes reduced inflammation. Most effective dose ranged from 300mg to 700mg and is best with non-habitual high caffeine consumers.
  • New! Adipromin…a combination of Turmeric, Moringa and Curry increased weight loss by 10lb over placebo in 16 weeks 900mg per day.
  • Probiotic L gasseri…12 week consumption resulted in a 21 square centimeter reduction of visceral body fat
Reducing Appetite

Neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin manage appetite.

Dopamine…is formed primarily from L-Tyrosine and vitamin B6, while Serotonin utilizes 5-HTP and B6 for formation.

Patented Lowat…reduces carbohydrate/sugar craving by reducing the neurotransmitter hormone Grhelin.  Avoid Duplicating Meds.