How To: Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

Have you hit a roadblock in your weight loss?  Don’t be discouraged, there are common issues that stop you from using fat for energy that can be easily addressed.  Over time, hormones go down, resulting in less of some things and too much of others.  Genetic deficiencies then start showing up.  So let’s identify any problems and fill the gap.  Avoiding alcohol makes it easier to lose.

The Disruptors & The Fix!

No. 1:  Eating too much Starch or Sugar turns OFF using Fat for Energy.

The Fix:  Keep the carbs to green vegetables and salad vegetables, eat berries and lean protein.  Consuming too much protein can also convert to sugar.  Increase the Omega 9 fat sources like Olive Oil, Almonds, and Avocados.  Keto is when the carbs get very low and the body stars using mostly fat for energy in the form of ketones.  Your brain likes these and you feel like you never run out of energy!

No. 2:  Elevated Cortisol from Stress breaks down your skin collagen and makes sugar which turns off fat use.  

The Fix:  Patented Relora or KSM-66 Ashwagandha reduce Cortisol 35% and 26% respectively.   Walk, it uses up cortisol.  Deep slow breathing and even meditation quickly lower cortisol.

No. 3:  Inadequate or disrupted sleep increases Cortisol and Inflammation.

The Fix:  Cortisol, glucose and inflammation can all disrupt sleep as well.  Don’t eat late, address the cortisol, the diet and exercise to help bring down the glucose and cortisol.  Add Berberine if needed.  Melatonin sustained release, KSM-66, and Theanine all studied to quiet the brain and support normal sleep.  Brains are very individual so test one or two at a time.

Get the Diet Right

Losing weight happens when you are using Fat for Energy with Diet Balance and the overall Calorie Intake is less than is being “burned”.  Things like fish oils and green tea extracts can boost the fat loss and metabolic rate but you need the amounts to eat in Ounces, Tablespoons and Cups to have control and best success.  We just need your Body weight and body fat (can be measured on our scales) and exercise levels to give you easy to control food amounts and get you back on track to weight loss.

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