Winter has traditionally been the season for an increase in respiratory viruses. RSV, flu, Covid and other viruses are making the rounds this month.  The good news is that there is support for the immune system.

Nutritional Support
  • Multivitamin– A good multivitamin will contain immune boosting vitamins such as zinc, A, E, and B6.
  • Vitamin D plays an essential role in the immune system of both children and adults.
  • Vitamin C has antioxidant and immune support properties.
  • Probiotics improved immune function including the activity of natural killer cells. They also reduced the risk of respiratory tract infections and reduced the length and severity (Korean J Fam Med 2013).
Lifestyle Factors
  • Sleep is necessary for a healthy immune system. Children need 8-16 hours of sleep depending on their age while adults should target 8 hours.
  • Healthy diet is a vital part of immune health. Reduce processed foods and sugar and increase fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Hydration, plenty of water and low or non-sugar drinks.
  • Exercise helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Hygiene practices play a role also. Wash hands, including the backs and wrists and cover a cough or sneeze with forearms, a tissue or fabric.
Immune Support Molecules

Nasal Povidone Iodine has shown to kill influenza viruses 99.5 to 100 percent within 45 seconds.  For use every 8 hours.

The following molecules can be added if an adult feels something coming on.

Pelargonium sidoides extract Eps 7630® from geranium was clinically proven in adults and children to reduce symptoms by 2-3 times and lessen duration. Twenty clinical trials have shown anti-viral activity.

Oregano extract containing the polyphenol carvacrol showed phagocyte immune cell increase and anti-viral/bacterial activity (Georgetown University Medical Center 2001).

Olive Leaf flavonoid oleuropein has anti-viral patents.  Significant Th1 immune response was found in murine study.  Researchers found anti-bacterial activity with Klebsiella, E coli, H pylori and Staph. (scipharm2010).

Elderberry – Studies report that elderberry may prevent colds and flu viruses and reduce symptom time and severity.

Andrographis was effective against multiple viruses and bacteria in part by inhibiting replication of microbes. (Phytotherapy Research 2022)


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