Fall In Love With Dopamine

The Dopamine Connection

If February is the month of love, then maybe we can also think of it as the month of dopamine.

A 2002 study at Rutgers Scientists took two groups of people who were madly in love– those whose love was returned and those whose love was rejected– and showed them pictures of their sweethearts, or would-be sweethearts. In both groups, looking at the pictures activated dopamine cells all over the brain in areas having to do with pleasure and reward. Rutgers scientist Helen Fischer, PhD., suggested that love is not an emotion. Dr Fischer stated, “a motivation system, it’s a drive, it’s part of the reward system of the brain.”

Those who have keenly tuned dopamine systems are more likely to pursue objectives, romantic, professional, and otherwise, because they have a heightened capacity to experience satisfaction and reward.

Dopamine and Your Weight

But what does dopamine mean for your health? For one thing, dopamine activity signals to your brain that you have eaten enough and you don’t need to eat more. When you lack enough of this signal, you may eat excessively and gain weight, while trying to feel normally rewarded and satisfied.

A product called Synapatalean directly addresses this source of excessive appetite. Synaptalean supplies precursors to dopamine in the brain, along with precursors to other neurotransmitters.

Synaptalean’s ingredients promote healthy adaptation to stress and healthy energy production.

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