Resveratrol May Pump Up Heart Health


Photo credit: Martin Lopatka

Resveratrol became famous in the last decade as a red wine antioxidant that was linked to various health benefits such as delayed aging.

In research published this month in The American Journal of Cardiology, scientists gave resveratrol to people at high risk for heart disease and then assessed their blood for important cardiovascular risk factors.

At the end of the year long trial, researchers found significant improvement in various markers for heart and blood vessel inflammation.  Inflammation is long term activation of the immune system that damages the walls of blood vessels, making blood clots and heart attacks more likely.  C-reactive protein is one of the more well known markers for cardiavascular inflammation that doctors sometimes test for.

To find out more about your own personal heart risks, you can have your doctor order a blood panel called the Berkeley HeartLab test.  This unique blood panel analyzes a much greater number inflammatory markers and blood fats than the regular one at your doctor’s office.  It is one of the most comprehensive and reliable snapshots of your risk.

Ann J Cardio 2012.

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