New Nutrient Combination Benefits Early Alzheimer’s

A unique combination of nutrients is showing promise for boosting memory in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  In a paper published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a nutraceutical drink that combines uridine, choline, and the omega-3 fat DHA helped create important new communication points between brain cells.

In early Alzheimer’s, these communication points, known as synapses, begin to break down.  The loss of synapses gives rise to memory impairment and other symptoms as brain cells become unable to talk to one another.  The combination of uridine, choline and DHA accelerates the formation of new synapses, shoring up communication and apparently stemming the tide of memory loss.

Uridine, choline, and DHA are precursors to the fats that make up cell membranes and a greater supply of them builds new synapses more quickly.  In more advanced Alzheimer’s, this combination is ineffective because entire brain cells have been lost, not just the synapses. Order these products at    DHA    Choline[hr]

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2012

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