Summer Weight Loss Is Here!


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It’s not too late to improve your swimsuit body.  In fact, it is entirely possible to lose a pound or more of pure body fat every single week.  Here are some great hints to get the weight loss ball rolling.  Downhill. Fast.

Don’t Eat Oatmeal For Breakfast. Period.

Watch out for the rest of the grains, too.  Ranchers feed cattle grain to fatten them because the concentrated carbs found in grains are so very efficient at transforming into body fat. Don’t eat like a cow!  Delve back into your genetic roots and eat like a lean, mean hunting and gathering human.  Our distant ancestors ate mostly protein, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Also on the danger list: white rice, brown rice, white wheat, whole wheat, bread, crackers, cereal, cookies, and quinoa.  For the gluten conscious: gluten-free baked goods are notoriously packed with carbs.

Exercise Smarter

For many of us, boredom with exercise is an impediment to weight loss.  Max out your calorie burning and minimize the tedium with high intensity interval training.  Interval training involves 20-30 seconds of intense activity interspersed with 10-20 second periods of rest. Depending on the length and number of rounds, you might spend between 3 and 20 minutes 3-5 days per week. No need to spend an hour on the elliptical.

A recent study highlighted interval training’s superior efficacy in weight loss.  Overweight young women who did high intensity interval training lost significantly more weight than those who did moderate intensity continuous exercise.

The key to interval training is the high intensity.  During the exercise segments, get your heart rate up to 90% of your maximum heart rate.  Essentially, you should be exercising hard enough that it’s hard to carry on a conversation. Sprinting, cycling, and swimming are all candidates for interval training.  Also check out tabata, a form of interval training involving varied exercises you can do without equipment and in your own home.

Summer Weight Loss Supplements

  • Green Coffee Bean: A Dr. Oz favorite, green coffee bean promotes weight loss by improving how your body deals with blood sugar.  See our full post on Green Coffee Been Extract here.
  • Vitamin D: In studies, lower levels of blood vitamin D correlates to higher body fat.
  • Satiereal Saffron: Another Dr. Oz recommendation, Satiereal Saffron was shown to reduce appetite and snacking by enhancing serotonin levels.  See our original Satiereal Saffron post here.

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