New Year, New You, Same Old Flu

Photo Credit: michaelnpatterson

Happy New Year to all!  This time of year brings out family, friends, champagne and the seasonal flu virus.  We all should do the common sense things like wash our hands frequently, but what else might help us out?

A team at the University of Florida looked into the power of garlic on the immune system as it has been touted for it’s many health benefits for years.  They had a group of subjects take garlic extracts daily and another group take a placebo.

After 45 days, researchers found immune system cells in the garlic group proliferated better than the placebo group.  Ninety days after supplementing, those in the garlic group that did get a cold or flu virus reported reduced severity of symptoms, fewer number of days sick and missed days at school or work.

Clin Nutr. 2012 Jun;31(3):337-44.

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