When A Cough Is More Than A Cough

Photo Credit: Amy Loves Yah

We at Sundrops have noticed a lot of people have had coughs that seem to be lingering this season.  Some possible reasons for a persistent cough are seasonal allergies or a cold that has morphed into an upper respiratory infection (URI).  This can be serious as it may lead to bronchitis and other complications.

Looking at a research study using one of our favorite herbs for immune support we found some good news.  Two hundred and twenty three people with upper respiratory infections were given either andrographis or placebo.  The symptoms were evaluated for 5 days after beginning supplementation.

They found that for both groups symptoms severity decreased from days 1 to 3, but then remained unchanged for the placebo group from days 3 to 5.  The andrographis group continued to see decreasing symptoms.  Overall, the research showed that the efficacy of andrographis was statistically significant and more than 2 times higher than placebo.

Phytomedicine. 2010 Mar;17(3-4):178-85

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