Month: February 2014

Children Immunity & Inflammatory Support

Probiotics and Antibiotics Are More Effective Taken Together

Probiotics and antibiotics are more effective taken together, than antibiotics alone.  Urinary tract infections are quite common and the usual treatment option prescribed is antibiotics. In this study, researchers looked at…

Blood Sugar Support

Korean Ginseng Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Korean ginseng supports healthy blood sugar levels, according to new research.  Many health conditions are correlated to impaired glucose-insulin function. Many therapies target this function as a way to improve…

Brain Support Immunity & Inflammatory Support Older folks

Omega-3 Intake Correlates To A Larger Brain

Omega-3 intake correlates to a larger brain, according to new research.  Our brains shrink as we age, but too much shrinkage has been associated with diseases of the brain. New…