The Ultimate Rapid Immune Support

It’s that time of year when cold and flu viruses start making the rounds.    Being exposed is a guarantee.  How your immune system responds is not. Certain nutrients and natural extracts have shown in research to support immune response. Your vigilant immune defenders fight to rid the body of pathogens and shorten the duration of colds and flu.  Give your brave warriors plenty of support this winter.  The desired inflammatory immune response with these viruses is different than for COVID.  For rapid immune support take these natural molecules with each meal and prior to bed.

Extract Immune System Research   

  • Pelargonium sidoides extract EPs®7630 was clinically proven in adults and children to reduce symptoms of upper respiratory infection by 2 to 3 times and lessen duration.  Twenty clinical trials have shown anti-viral activity.
  • Elderberry extract reduced cold symptoms and duration in a double blind placebo study of travelers (Nutrients 2016). Study results showed selective immune activation 2 to 45 times placebo.
  • Oregano extract containing the polyphenol carvacrol showed phagocyte immune cell increase and anti-viral/bacteria activity (Georgetown University Medical Center 2001).
  • Olive Leaf flavonoid oleuropein has anti-viral patents. Significant Th1 immune response was found in murine study.  Researchers found             anti-bacterial activity with Klebsiella, E coli, H pylori and Staph. (scipharm2010).
  • Nasal Providone Iodine has shown to kill influenza viruses 99.5 to 100 percent within 45 seconds. For use every 8 hours.

The Essential Nutrients

  • Take Vitamin D with a meal at slightly less than 1000IU per decade of life (goal 60 ng/ml). Vitamin D is critical for cathlecidin and macrophage immunity.
  • Eat adequate protein at every meal.
  • Take a multiple vitamin that contains good zinc, B6 and vitamin C levels.

Lifestyle Issues

  • Avoid sugar, wash your hands often, drink lots of water, walk and sleep.