Choline in Pregnancy

Choline is a B vitamin that researchers are finding is vital to healthy fetal development.

Large amounts of choline derivatives are required to support rapid cell growth and neuron protection. One particular derivative, acetylcholine, is highly involved in the developing brain influencing neuron growth, plasticity, and cell survival. It also supports normal development of the part of the brain that is responsible for learning, attention, and memory.

Researchers have reported these additional benefits to choline supplementation.

  • Supports a healthy placenta.*
  • Improves baby’s cognition.*
  • Protects from neural insults.*
  • May lower risk of neural tube birth defects.*
  • Lower risk of chronic disease in adulthood.*

The recommended dose of choline is 450-1000 mg per day from all sources.

Food sources of choline.

  • Whole egg 146mg
  • 3 oz. lean ground beef 112 mg
  • 3 oz. salmon 75 mg
  • 3 oz. cooked chicken breast 73 mg
  • 1 cup cooked brussel sprouts or broccoli 63 mg


Nutrients, 2019

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