HRG80 Red Ginseng Powers Exercise

Panax ginseng, also known as Asian, Korean or red ginseng, is considered an adaptogen that helps the body maintain a normal response to stress. For centuries it has been used to boost the immune system, increase libido, promote relaxation, and improve memory and cognition. Research shows that ginseng can also boost energy and endurance, and now a new formulation increases the effects. HRG80 red ginseng is hydroponically grown without pesticides which allows the plants to develop 7 times more of the active molecules, ginsenosides, than conventionally grown ginseng.  Researchers combined  the HRG80 with gamma cyclodextrin and found it dramatically boosted absorption into the cell.

In a study of weightlifters which included Olympians, participants took either two HRG80 capsules daily or one HRG80/cyclodextrin chewable tablet per day. Both forms of ginseng supported increased physical performance (barbell squats and pushups),  energy and resistance, but those consuming the HRG80/cyclodextrin were able to more than double their repetitions in as little as 7 days. Researchers also found that while the HRG80 red ginseng was effective at reducing muscle soreness, the HRG80 with gamma cyclodextrin worked 3 days faster.

Phys Med Rehabil. 2022