Month: March 2021

Strength & Fitness

Secrets to a Successful Workout

The top reasons for not going to the gym are lack of time and confidence. While there is no supplement or trick to make more time in the day, there…

Heart & Vascular Health

Cardio Health Refresher

Heart health is a complex topic, but our goal at Sundrops is to provide the most accurate up-to-date nutrition information. Maintaining heart health requires having enough of the molecules that…

Heart & Vascular Health

New & Innovative Molecule: InSea2

New & Innovative Molecule: InSea2 This week’s new and innovative molecule features the brown seaweed extract InSea2. It is a newly patented molecule that clinically showed to help maintain normal…

Ask Mark

Aftermath of a Pandemic: Post COVID Syndrome

In recent months, researchers and doctors have discovered that a considerable number of “recovered” COVID patients are still experiencing lingering symptoms, now termed “Post-COVID Syndrome.” COVID-19 Attacks the Body in…


New and Innovative Formula: Renual

A new and exciting product just hit the market; it is targeted towards those looking to assist energy production and the aging process. This is accomplished by supporting mitochondria: the…