Month: May 2013

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B Is For Brain

Many people take B-complex vitamins for energy, but they are actually involved in many processes beyond just metabolism.  A group of researchers had previously shown that B vitamins can reduce…

Core Health Heart & Vascular Health

More Magnesium For Your Heart

We have been recommending magnesium for all adults for many years.  Most Americans just don’t get enough in their diets and this mineral is required for more than 300 biological…

Fatigue Strength & Fitness

CoQ10 & Strength

Everyone wants to get the most out of their workouts and increase strength.  Lots of products are out there that claim they can do this for you. Here is some actual…

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Simple & Significant

We often hear that people don’t realize how much their supplements do for them until they run out.  They will often say that they feel stressed and tired. A new…

Brain Support

Curcumin & Your Brain

Chronic alcohol intake is associated with many health conditions, including damage to the brain.  Researchers were looking to the causes of the damage and what might help blunt some of…

Fatigue Strength & Fitness Vitamin News

Dance With Vitamin D

We have previously written about the benefits of vitamin D on muscle strength.  A new study supports those findings and shows that it might also help with injury prevention. Ballet…

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Nutritional Support For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be frightening and debilitating.  Research is being done to see what the underlying mechanism is and what, if anything, can be done to help support the body….

Men's Health Mood Support

DHA & Behavior

Young men have been known to be aggressive and impulsive.  Researchers having been looking into the causes and possible strategies to reduce the behavior. A new study had young men…

Allergy Immunity & Inflammatory Support

Ginger & Breathing

Asthma and allergy sufferers may have a new tool to help them breathe easier.  During an asthma attack and for some people during allergy season, the muscles surrounding the lungs…