How to Maintain Your Skin, Hair & Nails

As hormone levels reduce with aging, so does the collagen, elastin, keratin and hyaluronic acid that keep Hair, Skin, and Nails (HSN) healthy and young looking. High starch, sugar and alcohol intake also form molecules that age skin.

On the Inside

Collagen, the major protein in the body, is made from dietary protein, vitamin C, copper (nuts and greens) and silica. High absorption silica at 10mg/day has resulted in 30% less depth of micro-wrinkles, skin Elastin increase of 80% and hair thickness and strength improvement of 13%.  Omega 3 fish oils help hydrate and support reduced inflammation in skin.

Keratin, another body protein, is required for HSN. It is now available in a solubilized form that has been studied as Cynatine HNS. Cynatine reduced loss of hairs by 47% in a hair pull test within 90 days and increased hair follicles in the growth phase by 9%. Nail hardness and resistance to breaking improved by 50% while smoothness increased 33%. Subjects on Cynatine also had a 30% improvement in skin moisture and a 12% reduction in wrinkle depth.

Verisol Peptides from collagen showed a 20% reduction in eye wrinkle volume at

8 weeks. The peptides also inhibited activity of collagen “digesting” enzymes.

Ceramide Oils make up a significant part of the matrix that holds moisture in the

skin. They are now available in capsule form.

Hair Loss can be initiated by inflammation, low protein, low iron  and uptake into the hair follicle, excessive DHT formation and deficiencies of B vitamins and zinc. The Hair Growth Cycle can be re-established with 100mg of the patented Pea Shoot Extract Anagain Nu and resulted in a 34% growth increase within 5 weeks.

On The Outside

UVA Radiation needs to be blocked with sunscreen of at least SPF 28 or greater. Carotenoid antioxidants, vitamin E and C and polypodium extract have shown UVA protection. Research with subjects taking 500mg of niacinamide twice per day resulted in a 23% reduction in basal and squamous cell skin cancer.

The Proven Topicals:

  • Retinol increases cell turnover and healthy proliferation of skin cells. Our first choice is Mychelle Remarkable Retinol Serum that uses a patented retinol which is 500 times stronger than basic retinol and includes ceramides.
  • Vitamin C Serum supports collagen integrity and is a protective antioxidant. We like Mychelle or the Liposomal form from Nutricology.
  • Hyaluronic Acid holds the moisture in skin. Patented HyaGlo is our preferred due to its ability to enter the cells and deliver more hyaluronic acid.

References available upon request.  *These statements have not been evaluated bye Food and Drug Administration.  Research, nutritional information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Consult your physician before initiating any new dietary or supplement program.